Cantilever Staircases

SOUND S 300, Open staircases - Roversi stairs Italy

High – end luxury staircases featuring the ultimate lightness and purity of lines

The conceiving and production of these beautiful staircases is more than
the project and the mere supplying of their components - of course made to measure.
A top staircase for a top-design house.
We strongly welcome Designers and Architects enquiries to work with us on one of these special projects.

Solidity is Beauty

The first requirement when it comes to a cantilever staircase is solidity. When doing a cantilevered product, the building's walls, floor, the ceiling structure and the side-banister participate in defining the structural integrity of the whole installation. And to its stunning beauty.

ARLEKIN - Cantilevered staircase - Roversistairs


S-NICOLE , Open staircases Roversi stairs - Italy


Ours technical solutions for stair problems

Most of premises if not all can be equipped with one of these stairs, we conceived and developed various technical solutions to solve most of the possible technical issues. We can provide designers, architects and engineers with the best of the best bespoke products.

Materials vary from extra clear glass to composites to natural stone to marine stainless steel combined in an almost endless combination of shapes, decorations and shades.

ROVERSI CORE-AN Cantilever staircases Roversi stairs - Italy



Images in this gallery are real examples of installations, we thank our customers who allowed us to show them.
They want to be a guideline to better understand the idea hidden behind a custom-staircase project.
We welcome innovation and enquiries for new or peculiar products.