Open design staircases

BLADE-ELLIPSE, Open staircase - Roversistairs

Beauty often springs from unsearched paths,
just from the alchimy between basic-minimal shapes
and the maker ‘s long trained craftsmanship .

These staircases belong to the effectiveness of a well done job, as a gardening dress or a combat suit are never unfit for the job they are for, these beautiful stairs fit into every premise and every house decoration or style.

Open Staircases materials, production and installation

They are among the most reliable available top-design stairs. This interior staircase is built-in upon an installation reproducing exactly the final destination’s measures.

It means they rely to stand their loads mostly onto their own frame and in lesser fractioned part on the perimeter walls, ceiling or floors.


FRANZISCA S3, Open staircases - Roversi stairs Italy


MIX D, Open staircases Roversi stairs - Italy


Materials range tipically from coated iron to solid wood and sometimes composite treads, all designed and cut upon CAD-assisted systems.

The construction system allows to hide all or most of the bolts, screws and fittings, giving the staircase a neat appearance.

K-BLADE 200, Open staircases - Roversi Stairs Italy



Images in this gallery are real examples of installations, we thank our customers who allowed us to show them.
They want to be a guideline to better understand the idea hidden behind a custom-staircase project.
We welcome innovation and enquiries for new or peculiar products.