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Italian modern staircase design

The elegant look of our luxury staircases come along with a solid technical competence, the consistency of a design deeply rooted into the Italian style, passion, pride and energy of reliable people committed to the ultimate possible best.

We conceive, project, make, deliver and install across Europe and beyond.


Extra clear glass and solid hardwood treads, polished stainless steel or coated iron stringers are combined along with natural stone or composite materials to obtain the uniqueness of cantilever stairs or a glass framed design.

They all come from sustainable resources and are machined on environmentally friendly plants in our own construction shops of Northern Italy

Preferred materials and finishing are also part of the fore-study, ask away what you prefer and we‘ll see how  what we can do about it .

Online consulting and estimates are free of charge.


Roversi stairs started in 1980 with stair construction shop in Northern Italy. Over the last 4 decades we have committed to explore technical and styles possibilities, new materials and shapes.

Our original mission is to combine the function and contemporary design, extracting beauty from the tridimensional space of a stair. Still located in the same area into the design and furniture district of Northern Italy we love building extraordinary things for the evolving world.

Mario Roversi
Ceo & Senior Designer at Roversi Custom Made Stairs
25010 Montirone, Brescia,  Italy